Decision-Tree classifier is one of the very first approaches that most Data Scientists and Kagglers use to fit and evaluate their data on a daily basis for supervised learning. Sometimes, they do give a satisfactory result and sometimes they don’t. Hence, we move to other options after that.

But can we just for a second, try a very good alternative to Random Forest or Decision-Tree for quick evaluation? I guess we can but we don’t. We simply move on to fit and evaluate our data on a more complex model (Deep Learning) which can be fruitful (sometimes).

However, the alternatives…

The online course sites have become the virtual coaching centres nowadays and they are the most preferred way to gain knowledge and hands-on skills. Most of these courses include those which are not generally taught in regular curriculum of a college/school or any other educational institution — especially in India. Thus, these sites generate high revenue as they include hot-topic courses. I highly recommend you to read the full article to get a clear insight.

But when it comes to choosing the right site for course certifications to present on your CV/Resume, it becomes tricky to choose the right one…

Most of the data analysts and data scientists use different sorts of visualization techniques for data analysis and EDA. But after going through a lot of Kaggle notebooks and projects, I couldn’t find data visualized in the form of pie-charts. Although I know, people prefer histograms and bar plots over pie-charts because of the significance they represent in one view. But if pie-charts are used precisely as per their requirement, it can create more sense than most of the bar plots and histograms.

So, we’ll take the pie-chart game to a level ahead and create a custom donut pie-chart. Sounds…

Dhruv Anurag

A budding Data Scientist

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